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Payment Info


At the moment we accept Money Orders, PayPal and personal checks. Those last must clear, a matter of a few days usually. No direct CCs at this time.

Pages are linked to their description in the index: just click on it. Individual pages are each linked at top right to this page (Main) the next page in line (Next) and the previous page (Back). Contact us by EMail if you have questions or would like us to locate something specific for you.

Shipping Info

Books, tapes, CDs and movies will be shipped USPS Media Mail within the US unless otherwise requested. Charges will be based on actual cost of postage, shipping materials and incidentals related to shipping activities. Delivery Confirmation will be requested wherever possible and confirmation information will be supplied on request. The base Media Mail rate for a 1 pound package with Delivery Confirmation is $2.75. Packaging and incidentals are usually about $1.50 more. Delivery time is usually between 4 and 14 days. Insurance is available at your cost. Items which do not fit the Media Mail category will be shipped cheapest method unless otherwise arranged. Very large items may be shipped UPS. We will ship via First Class International to Canada. Worldwide shipping is at our option, but is generally possible to most areas with reliable carriers.  (Prices may change without notice. Quotes dated 05/2019)


A word about books: by far our greatest inventory item is books. Butů we don't really have a good search engine for the HTML databases yet and a database of 26000 items without a good search engine is useless. So, for the time being we won't be listing books here. We've added an HTML search block to Biblio on our Index page where you can search for books. While Biblio has all of our book database that's ALL that they have. Check the sites listed on the Home Page for specific items or just to browse. $3 in PayPal will buy you an emailed Excel extract of the entire current book db. $4 will get you a snailmailed version on CD. Generally the database changes erratically but at least once a week. Email requests for information will be honored on a time available basis. We DO appreciate problem reports and useable suggestions.


If cancelled, a reason will usually be given. Since we sell on several sites, in the case of multiple orders of the same item, the earliest order received will be honored. Once confirmed, the order will ship on the next working day, weather permitting. Working days are generally Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST. We try to update our sites at least twice a week depending on activity and available help.